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The Fence Builders is a professional fencing company out of Deerfield Beach, FL who works on fence installation and repair contracts all across Broward and Palm Beach Counties. With our experienced staff and incredible track record, we have become the region’s local expert in the fencing business.

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About Our Services

As Deerfield’s leading fence installation and repair contracting company, we offer comprehensive services such as:

We have a conveniently located warehouse in downtown Deerfield Beach which supplies all of our industry-leading materials and tools. We have access to premium goods to give you a high quality fence. If you are need of repairs, we can make it as good as new without having to completely replace your fence.

Why should you choose Fence Builders?

Experience: When it comes to experience, no one in Broward County can match our team. Our crew is full of local residents who have worked on thousands of fencing contracts in the area. We have over 20 years of experience using cutting-edge methods and tools for many different fencing services. Not only that, but we also get it done efficiently to save you on the cost of parts and labor.

Professionalism: As a reputable fence installation company, we guarantee professional service. Your fences are completed by licensed, certified, and insured fence building experts who adhere to a high standard of excellence. We handle all contracting and paperwork to obtain permits from local HOA’s and the city of Deerfield Beach. This ensures that your service is in compliance with local property codes and laws to save you from any legal troubles. In addition, all fencing services come standard with a warranty to guarantee that we did the job that you hired us to do above your expectations.

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Customer Service: We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the fencing industry. This is because our growing company will never get too big for good old fashioned customer service. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, taking the time to answer your inquiries and ease any worries. We educate you on the process and help you find the best solution for your unique situation. Because Fence Builders credits most of its expansion on referrals-based business, we let our customer do the talking. When you read through our expansive volume of 5-star customer reviews, you will read about the amazing experiences of our clients. They then spread the word to their family and friends, and their referrals are responsible for much of our new clientele.

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If you have an inquiry, call our phone line or submit an online inquiry to be connected with our amazing customer service staff. We answer all inquiries with care, providing free consultations and quotes on services.