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Fence Builders is a professional fencing installation and repair company providing the best fences in Deerfield Beach. We have an expert staff of licensed, certified, and insured professional fence contractors who are trained to handle your fencing needs. Our catalogue contains the most comprehensive fencing styles in the area at impressively low rates. We are committed to outstanding customer service, which is why we continue to receive incredible 5-star reviews from our clients.

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Common Fencing Styles in Deerfield Beach

Custom Backyard Fences

At Deerfield Beach Fence Builders, your initial consultation starts with getting your inquiries answered by our customer service representatives. From there, we walk you through our catalogue of industry-leading fencing inventory. Our warehouse has access to the finest fencing materials in the country and sources them locally. This allows us to use only commercial grade and high quality wood, PVC, vinyl, aluminum, chain-link, and iron fencing. All of our fences are professionally treated and finished so that they are built to last. Below, you will get a glimpse into our arsenal of common fencing styles.

Residential Fences:

We have dozens of base models designed to go with your residential property. Depending on your preferences, we can find a style to serve your needs. For example, if you need a privacy fence, we have panel fencing options starting at 6ft tall. If you need security, our security fences provide strength and visibility. Need a combination of the two? We have a design for that as well!


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Wooden Fences:

A traditionally charming fence, wooden fences are prized for their incredible versatility and low costs. All of our woods are stained and painted for shine and color. Although they will need occasional maintenance and touch ups, a properly

Wood Fence Materials:

  • Oak
  • Spruce
  • Fir
  • Pine
  • Maple Specialized
  • Maple
  • Redwood
  • Cedar
  • Cypress
  • Composite
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Popular Wood Fence Designs:

  • Shadow Box Fences
  • Lattice Top Fences
  • Dog Ear Fences
  • Standard Point Fences
  • Modified Point Fences 
  • Gothic Point Fences
  • Picket Fences
  • Panel Fences
  • Post-and-Rail Fences
  • Board-on-Board Fences
  • Scallop Top Fences
PVC/Vinyl Fences:

PVC is highly regarded for its great value. This is because there is minimal maintenance involved with this fencing materials. Its durability is better than wood because it is more weather resistant, meaning that it will not rot, decay, split, splinter, or warp in the Florida elements. It is also flexible, making it good against wind damages. It is no surprise that the average lifespan of our PVC fences is 25 years. PVC is also versatile, meaning that you can customize the color and cut to your liking.

Popular PVC/Vinyl Fence Designs:

  • Picket Fence
  • Panel Fence
  • Flat Top Fence
  • Privacy PVC
  • Raised PVC Privacy
  • White PVC
  • Black Vinyl
  • Scallop Top
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Aluminum Fences

Prized for its ornamental designs and anti-rusting characteristics, many people find aluminum fences to be a great low cost alternative to metal fencing. They hold up extremely well during storms because of their polyvinyl coating and professional treatment. In regards to maintenance, the occasional wash and rinse will do the trick because of its anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.

Popular Aluminum Fence Designs:

  • Low Scallop Spear-Through Fences
  • Straight Spear-Through Fences
  • Alternating Spear-Through Fences
  • 3 Rail Closed Top Fences
  • 3 Rail Narrow Picket Fences
  • Closed Top Spear Accent Fences
  • 2 Rail Closed Top Fences
  • High Scallop Spear-Through Fences
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Chain-Link Fences: For sturdy protection and see-through capabilities, nothing compares to the chain-link fence. With steel anchor posts and tough mesh metal, it holds firmly in the ground and is great for keeping in your pets. While it may not be versatile in stylistic customization, a chain-link fence is still capable of a graceful presence in your backyard. Many construction companies utilize our chain-link fences because their visibility makes construction zones safer for workers and keeps out trespassers to limit liability.

Wrought Iron Fences : If properly cared for, a wrought iron fence will hold strong for over 50 years. With elegant craftsmanship, premium galvanized iron, and the capability to be installed with an automatic driveway gate, our gothic point metal beam model is coveted by the most luxurious properties in Deerfield Beach.


Pool Fences: To secure the privacy of your residential and commercial pools, we have intuitive designs for effective pool fences. Our white PVC privacy panel fence is our most popular option with a black vinyl pool fence not far behind. They are customer favorites because they go well with the aesthetics of many pool areas and hardscaping pavers.

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Agricultural Fences: Our most common fencing styles at farms and agricultural sites are post-and-rail equestrian fences and horizontal picket fences. These are low cost and effective fences protect livestock and establish property lines for your farm.

Sporting Facility Fences: Fence Builders has multiple sporting facility fencing options for baseball fields, dugouts, batting cages, tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, playgrounds, recreation centers, and more. When you need a fencing company to step up to the plate, we knock it out of the park!

High Security Fences: For fences that need to be customized to protect a high-security location, we can add features to make them formidable. We can match your height requirements and add features such as electric fencing, barbed wire fencing, connection to an automatic gate, and more. A security fence is meant to discourage any trespassers or solicitors, so we can make a design to maintain the confidentiality of your facility.

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