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Just south of Deerfield Beach is the hidden gem of Lighthouse Point, FL. As one of the best kept secrets in Florida, Lighthouse Point is home to amazing homes and commercial properties along the A1A coastline. If you own a home or a property that is in need of professional fencing services, then Fence Builders is your hometown expert. We have been serving people across Broward County for over 20 years with our unrivaled fencing services, and when you contact our team for a consultation, we will introduce you to the best fencing solutions in Lighthouse Point!

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Fencing Services Lighthouse Point

  • Fence Installation
  • Custom Fence Options
  • Automatic Driveway Gates
  • Fence Repairs
  • Gate Repairs
  • Balcony Railing
  • Customer Service
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Lighthouse Point Fence Installation

When it comes to new fence installations, we are Lighthouse Point’s best. We have an amazing selection of premium fences that are installed by our fence contractors. At Fence Builders, your installation is professional, quick, affordable, and hassle-free. In our custom fence menu, you get a brief introduction to our catalogue and inventory. Our catalogue specialists will walk you through your options to help you find the perfect fit for your fencing needs while staying within your budget.

Custom Fences Lighthouse Point FL

We are different from the competition because we lead the pack with custom fence designs. This is because we have access to professionally-approved materials and equipment in our warehouse. From there, we manufacture and locally source Lighthouse Point’s finest fences. Among your options, there are the following:

Wood Fence Installation: Wooden fences are common for their charm. They are a low-cost installation in the fencing business and offer versatile designs. For homeowners, wood fences are a popular option. Fence Builders only uses premium grade spruce, fir, maple, oak, pine, cedar, cypress, redwood, and other woods for our fencing contracts. All wooden fences are professionally stained or painted to give your fence some shine. We also pressure treat the wood in-house to resist weathering damages like splitting, warping, rotting, decaying, and splintering.

PVC/Vinyl Fence Installation: Our polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fences are also well-received along the east coast of Florida. Although they are more expensive than wood, they save you money because there is virtually no maintenance involved in their upkeep. They offer pristine flexibility and durability against the toughest Florida storms, making them resistant to weather damages. They commonly come in white or black, but our catalogue has dozens of colors and textures to choose from!

Chain-Link Fence Installation: Another commonly-used fence is the chain-link fence. If you don’t mind the visibility of the mesh design, these fences are low-cost, durable, and versatile. Homeowners and commercial property managers, and industrial site managers flock to our chain-link fences because they are great for security.

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Aluminum Fence Installation: An ornamental and cheaper alternative to iron, our aluminum fences are visually appealing fences. They are made of aluminum alloys that resist water damage and corrosion in Florida’s humid climate.

Wrought Iron Fence Installation: If you want unmatched elegance and strength, a wrought iron fence is an amazing option. Made of professionally galvanized steel, they are hand crafted into unbelievable architecture and keep your property safe. A properly installed and maintained wrought iron fence can easily last over 50 years.

Pool Fences: Both residential and commercial properties use pool fences because they are great for keeping out unwanted guests. With versatile material and design options, they can be made to protect your small children from accidentally accessing the pool and prevent unauthorized personnel from raiding your community pool. They can also be equipped with an electronic key-activated or latched gate for added security.

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Privacy Fences: Do you want to maintain the sanctity of your home? You can’t do that if your neighbors are always poking their heads in your yard asking to borrow your tools. Tell that creepy neighbor to buzz off with our limited-visibility privacy panel fences! We recommend a 6ft panel fence to uphold your privacy!

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Fence Repairs in Lighthouse Point, Florida

Has your fence seen better days? There are plenty of reasons for this:

  1. Maybe you trusted an unqualified company or a DIY project without the proper training. The result left you with an unstable, uneven, or poorly treated fence.
  2. Florida’s tropical storm season brought a hurricane reigned destruction on your yard, taking down your fence in the process.
  3. Your fence suffered external damages such as a missing post, a broken panel, ineffective hinges, or something worse!

If you call some fence contracting companies, they may try to convince you that you need to replace your fence completely as a first measure. At Fence Builders, we don’t believe in ripping people off! Our team will survey your fence to identify ways to salvage and restore your fence without a complete replacement. Many times, your fence will be just fine with a minor repair. We always try this first before recommending a replacement. We also protect your fence repair with a complimentary service warranty. This safeguards your service for years to guarantee that your fence will be as good as new for years!

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Automatic Driveway Gate Installation

Do you have a luxury home in Lighthouse Point? A living community looking to maximize protection? Need to restrict access into your high-security facility? Then you need a driveway gate. The Fence Builders of Lighthouse Point build automatic gates for residential and commercial properties to bolster security. This saves you from having to hire a security guard. Our gates are prized for restricting access and entry for unauthorized vehicles while establishing a strong presence. Also, if you are looking for an insignia or other design to superimpose on your gate, we have many customization options for a truly impressive driveway gate. Our automatic driveway gates are cutting-edge, highly functional, and built to last for a long time. Similar to our fence installation and repair services, all gate installations come with an extensive warranty to guarantee that it will keep your complex safe for many years.

Gate Repairs in Lighthouse Point

When you need gate repairs, we also provide the best in the area. We have seen all kinds of malfunctions in automatic driveway gates, such as grinding gates, screeching gates, sagging gates, delayed response gates, unresponsive gates, malfunctioning gate sensors, and more! Our highly trained gate specialists have completed thousands of gate repairs, so it’s safe to say they have seen it all. No repair is too big or small; we will diagnose your gate’s problem and get it back to being fully operational in no time!

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Lighthouse Point Balcony Railing

Balcony Railing Installation

Not only do we handle fences and gates, but the Lighthouse Point Fence Builders is a high-quality producer of balcony railing installations. Our balcony rails are used for a variety of purposes such as hotel buildings, backyards, and more! For example, many hotels along the oceanfront use our balconies to maximize the experience of tourists from around the world. Some of the most popular balcony railing options include traditional wooden railing, interlocking patterns, sunburst design railings, lattice railing, metal deck railing, cable railing, glass deck railing, and more! All parts are held to that same premium standard because these materials are built to last!

Balcony Railing Repairs

If your balcony railing is in need of repairs, Fence Builders has you covered. From rusted railing removals to complete railing system replacements, we have seen it all! All repairs come with that incredible warranty so you can be confident with your repairs.

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Why choose Fence Builders of Lighthouse Point, FL?

Experience: Lighthouse Beach chooses Fence Builders because no company can match our professional fence building experience. Our portfolio of installations and repairs is larger than anyone else in the area. Our staff has been in the business for over 20 years, meaning that our technicians will give you a premium fence installation.

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Customer Service: The #1 goal of Fence Builders is 100% customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond to give our customers exceptional work and a friendly experience.


Professionalism: There’s a reason you are calling a fence company instead of asking your uncle to try a DIY project. You want a professional fence contractor, and we are the best in the area. Fence Builders is composed of only licensed, certified, and insured staff members because we believe in credible contracting. We take care of all of the paperwork for obtaining permits and working with HOA’s to get approvals. Our contracts are throughout and we answer all questions before starting any service. Another commitment from our professional team is our service warranty to uphold the quality of our services.

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