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Is your fence not what it once was? Maybe your wooden fence wasn’t professionally treated during installation or properly maintained, leading to damages. Perhaps you went with an unprofessional fence installation company who didn’t build your fence on the proper foundation, causing an uneven fence. You may have tried to get it corrected, but they refused to honor their warranties because they insufficiently documented the service. At Fence Builders, we have seen plenty of fences that are in less-than-ideal condition, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Our fence repair services are the best in Deerfield Beach because we are the only fencing company capable of making the right fence repair with incredible service and affordable rates.

Professional Fence Repair

The Fence Builders offers all kinds of fence repair services. During your initial consultation with our customer service team, we identify the damages and propose the best solutions with free quotes. Unlike other companies, who might try to propose a complete fence replacement and reinstallation, Fence Builders takes every possible measure to salvage your current fence first. After all, this saves you tons of money because repairs are more cost effective. During our initial survey of your fence, we find out what’s wrong and propose the most practical solution for your fence. All services are designed to meet your budget, so if you need to break your fence repair costs into payments, we have flexible interest-free plans to finance your repairs.

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Common Fence Repairs in Deerfield Beach

Here are the 5 most common fence repairs completed in Deerfield Beach:

  • Fixing a leaning fence post.
  • Replacing the hinges on a fencing gate.
  • Replace missing fence pickets or fence panels.
  • Holes and cracks in the fence.
  • Weather damages.
fence builders in deerfield beach florida

The Fence Builders are not limited to these 5 repairs. We can complete any service needed because we have over 20 years of professional experience in the fencing business as well as the most advanced repair tools.

Like our other fencing services, Fence Builders offers a complimentary service warranty for all fence repairs. This means that we did the job professionally and properly on the first try for long-lasting solutions. Our warranties even cover weather damages, so if your repairs don’t hold up in the event of a tropical storm, we will gladly fix it free of charge.

fencing repair in deerfield beach fl

Deerfield Beach Fence Repairs:

Ready to get your fence back? Pick up the phone and call the Fence Builders of Deerfield Beach today to get connected to our knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff. We answer all inquiries with attentiveness and guidance so that you are educated on all of your fence repair options. After years of exemplary service, we have established a reputation of 5-star customer reviews. Our customers refer their friends and family to get their fence repairs done by Deerfield Beach’s most trusted fencing company: The Fence Builders!